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My Shocking V-Tight Gel Review

V-tight gel review

Don’t even think about going to buy v-tight gel before reading my personal experience and review.

If you have concerns about a loose vagina, you’ve probably already looked into tons of options for vaginal tightening.

For me personally, I wanted a way to tighten my vagina naturally, that also worked fast and had lasting results.

So I read quite a few v-tight reviews, and decided to try it out.

So lets get in to it, the real question is, does v-tight gel work ?

Here’s my personal experience with the v-tight program – including what I liked, and what I didn’t like.


Does v-tight gel work? – My story

After I had my first (wonderful) child, I experienced what a lot of women experience after childbirth – loose vaginal walls.

I didn’t feel sexy, and I didn’t feel like I could perform in the bedroom like I used to. Of course, my husband didn’t say anything, but I wanted to feel tight and sexy again so I could please him, and also myself!

After months of Googling things like “ How do I make my vagina tighter naturally? “ and “ Why is my vagina so big ? “ – I wanted a solution.

I tried a lot of DIY vaginal tightening treatments, which worked to a point.

I was sick of feeling embarrassed of my stretched vagina..

After reading several v-tight gel reviews, I decided to try it for myself and see if it actually works.

So here’s my real-life experience and v-tight gel review after using a full bottle.

What I liked?

I really liked the free trial offer and the money-back guarantee. This let me try v-tight gel without fear of wasting money if it didn’t work.

Money back guarantees for me are a big bonus when trying something new, because there is nothing to lose. You can get refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

I also liked that it worked very quickly. Within a few minutes of applying it I did feel tighter, and bonus, I also felt aroused. Because you can have sex within a few minutes of applying it, this was a big plus.

When I was ready to have intercourse, I could apply it just a few minutes before and KNOW for sure that I would feel tight and sexy.

I also liked that the purchase gave me additional options – like the v-tight kegel exercise program and clean living tips.

They also offer discounts and free tubes if you order a package deal.CTA

What I didn’t like?

One thing I didn’t like was that this product is only available online. Since I was a little embarrassed about baggy vagina, I was definitely concerned about privacy and purchasing this product discreetly. I know that Amazon and other online merchandisers often label the contents of your package right on the box!

Luckily, when I ordered from the manufacturer, v-tight gel was delivered in a discreet, generic package.

The other thing I didn’t like was that sometimes I didn’t feel as tight after I had sex. After a few hours I did feel a bit of vaginal looseness. Although, I found that if I re-applied the v-tight gel then it worked just as well as the first time – and the vaginal exercise program has given me results that last longer.

Bottom line – does v tight gel work?

In my opinion, if you can afford vaginal surgery then definitely do it, but if you want a cheaper (and less surgical) approach, then I felt that v-tight gel did make a serious and significant difference in my vaginal looseness.

The money back guarantee was enough to get me to try it out, and I felt it does make my vagina tighter, and intercourse more enjoyable. My partner actually mentioned that I felt tighter after I used it (which sounds strange, but felt great.)

My recommendation is to give it a try, and if you don’t like it, then there’s no harm done because you can return it.

I also recommend buying v-tight gel directly from the supplier, and will explain why here.

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