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How to Make your Vagina Tighter (3 simple Tips)

For a lot of women, it can be a hard question to ask.

woman wanting tighter vagina

As humiliating as it might seem, its an issue that haunts alot of us. Intercourse with your partner plays a big part of any relationship, this is why, women just like you and I are googling things like; ”

Not only can it damage your self-esteem, but it makes you feel down-right not sexy and impacts the way you interact with your partner.

The good news is; there are ways to fix a loose vagina.

  • 1. Herbal Remedies.
  • 2. Exercises.
  • 3. Natural Tightening Creams + Exercises

Let us discuss each in some detail on how to make vagina tighter.


vagina tightening herbal remedies

Herbal Remedies

Gooseberry, when boilded in water, can be used to tighten your vagina. It is used as a regular wash for the vagina. When done regularly it brings back the elasticity to the pussy and gets rid of the bateria left behind from a period, which over time, cause the walls to become weak.

Peuraria Mirifica in combination with Oak gall are a couple of herbal remedies that are widely used to make your vagina tighter. These two herbs contain astingent qualities that help bring back the suppelness of the vagina whilst also helping to lubricate.

kegel exercises for women


Kegel Excercises for Women.

Kegel exercises are techniques aimed at tighening the pelvic floor muscles. By practicing these techniques, you are able to strengthen that walls of the vagina.

These exercises are done by squeezing and holding the levator muscles for 5 seconds, releasing for another 5 and then holding and squeezing again for 5 more. These are usually done 5-6 times in repetition.

This is a common technique used by woman recovering after child birth.

Natural Vagina Tightening Creams + Exercises

V-Tight Gel is my preferred vagina tightening cream. It’s major claim is that is fixes vaginal looseness by bringing back the elasticity & tightening the vaginal walls.

The makers of the V-Tight Gel say that it works alone but it gets quicker results by using it in combination with the vaginal exercise program. The company says that it gets results with in minutes of applying the gel and there is no need to wait after using the vaginal tightening cream before having intercourse.

What’s best about it, is that it is made from Manjakani extract and a few other 100% natural elements, which have been used by some cultures for centuries.

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