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How Do I Get A Youthful Tight Vagina Again?

In many circles of friends, asking questions about vaginal tightness or looseness may well bring snickers and rolling eyes. It is therefore an embarrassment to ask, but still it is something many women want to know more about.

When sex is good enough it takes up only about ten percent of a relationship’s focus, but when it is bad, it becomes obsessed about, making it ninety percent of the focus between the couple.

Having the feeling that your vagina is wide or stretched out in a way that makes it less enjoyable to your partner may bring you great stress. It leads many women feeling they must increasingly perform for their partner as well as always look and be at their best to compensate for this issue.


Having a loose or stretched out vaginal entry can have deep lasting effects on a woman is self-confidence. It leads to the sinking feeling that they are unable to please their partner or themselves and this often leads their partner to think that something is wrong in the relationship.

Many times when a woman has their first or second child, they begin to feel they are no longer sexy. They often feel their vaginal area is more like a big blob than the center of their sexuality.

It is for this reason and others that women want to find a natural way to tighten up their vagina. Often they become so desperate that they feel they are willing to try anything. The usual process includes doing discreet research that leads to buying anything they find to try and see if it works.

This article’s purpose is to help those who are actively searching for a solution. Hopefully this will save you time and the cost of buying products and training that simply do not work.

The first question that is often asked is why does my vagina feels loose to begin with?

It is an urban myth that vaginal stretching is due to having too much sexual activity. A vagina is generally made to accommodate the various sizes that men come in, so in most cases, this will not be an issue either. But a vagina may become saggy and loose due to things like age, entering menopause or because of bearing children.


In rare cases, if you are in a relationship with a man who is hung more like a horse than a man, then prolonged and active sexual activity with this partner may to a degree cause stretching which would be noticeable if you broke up with that partner and began a relationship with a man of more normal sizing.

So whatever the reason that got you to a point where you are wanting to tighten things up, there are many things which can help.

In your research, you may have come across information about kegel exercising along with creams and other ointments and even diet plans that have the purpose of given you back a more youthful like tight vagina your partner will be delighted with.

Some of you reading this article may even be men who are searching because you feel your partner is vagina is no longer enjoyable and you want some answers before you approach her about it.

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man looking for answers you should know that while it may feel embarrassing, it is a legitimate question and one you deserve some answers for.

Of the things available for his condition we will discuss details below.

On the market are a number of herbs that are used to make the muscles in the vaginal area tighter. One called pueraria mirifica is used to stimulate the regeneration of tissue in the genital region. Many women like to use it because it is also good for reducing your chances of cancer of the uterus.


Curcuma Comosa is yet another herb that can help with this condition. It makes the muscles of the vagina tighter and protects against the slow collapse of the vaginal wall. It is also good to stop dryness along with reducing cramping and hot flashes.

You will be delighted to hear that you can even purchase douches that are made of natural material designed to give the vagina strength and elasticity.
Combining ingredients like alum powder, gooseberry, spices for pickling along with water and some vinegar are the components to make this douche.

The problem is that many women have reported that while they felt these herbal remedies helped them to feel healthier and cleaner, they still felt they had a saggy blob of a vagina.

Kegel exercising is something that many more have had success with. It is popular and can be done discreetly. Start with squeezing the pelvic muscles to tighten the vagina. The same action or use of muscles you use when you need to urinate, but cannot, this is the correct action.

Once this kind of exercise has become familiar to you, you can do it any time of day and when you do regularly can have good results over time. This natural exercise is sure and certain to bring results with consistent and prolonged effort.

The problem is that many women want and need more immediate results. So while this is an excellent solution over the long haul, it is not an immediate solution.

If you are looking for real results that can be achieved more immediately, then you should consider a program and tightening gel called V-Tight. The cream itself is purported to tighten up the walls of the vagina as well as the skin and thereby correct the loosening that has occurred with the vagina.

The news that will have you jumping for joy is that the manufacturer says it will have immediate tightening effect upon applying the cream. No waiting, just put it on and feel it tighten up. According to the manufacturer it is perfectly ok to have sexual activity with-in minutes of application.

The ingredients are all natural and components that have been used by Asian women for hundreds of years. To learn more of the specifics jump on over to the article specifically for the gel called V-Tight.

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